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December 6, 2020

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The FSRT Board of Directors, in an effort to keep its members apprised of legislation affecting our profession is issuing an urgent call for all members to respond to HR 8702 and request legislators vote in support of H.R. 8702 This bill will counteract CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid) to enact cuts to reimbursement that could result in an overall 11% decrease in payment levels for radiology, as well as decreases by specialty, including, a 9% cut for interventional radiology; an 8% cut for nuclear medicine; a 6% cut for radiation oncology; and a 6% cut for radiation therapy. HR8702 will directly affect employment for radiologic technologists and radiation therapists. Please contact your coworkers, family and friends to contact their congressional representative to vote YES to HR8702.

If Congress fails to act, radiology, radiation therapy and medical imaging communities will be impacted in a severe and real way. That is why H.R. 8702 is so important to FSRT, and its members. By creating a two-year "hold harmless" payment that essentially would keep the reimbursement rates for Medicare services at the 2020 amount, H.R. 8702 allows the medical imaging and radiation therapy community to review the losses that COVID-19 has caused, and regroup after the full extent of the pandemic is analyzed.

ASRT members can go to ASRT Advocacy Action Center to contact local representatives. Non-members can contact representatives here to address this issue. The letter is already written, just add your legislative representative, your name, address and click submit. 

It is time to act. Encourage your friends, coworkers, and families to voice their support for HR8702.

The FLDOH Radiation Control Advisory Council meets on December 8, 2020. Please advise of any concerns or issues you have that can be addressed at this meeting. Write to 

 Stay safe!!

FSRT Board of Directors